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Solar Attic Fans

Reasons to install a solar attic fan:

  • Help reduce attic heat build up to keep homes cooler in the summer.
  • Help reduce air conditioning use and save on electricity costs.
  • Help protect roofing from moisture damage in the winter.
  • Help prolong the life of roofing materials.
  • Help reduce the risk of harmful mold growth in the attic.
  • Solar Attic Fans are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit on the purchase of the fan and installation.
  • The tax credit has been extended through 2016


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Solar Attic Fan
Idaho Contractor’s License #RCE-29637   •   Oregon Contractor’s License #192626   •   Public Works License #014217-D-4
Federal Contracting License D&B D-U-N-S # 02-355-8071   •   MSHA License #A8273